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Aug 4, 2006
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I love how @Brodiesel710 can just make a 100% certain determination on the state of StP based on "eye-balling" user accounts and posting.

Me, I'm a bigger fan of actual statistics:


Both user registrations, along with posts and user activity have been rising steadily since 2012. Not by a ton, mind you, (1-5%?) but I also don't really do any kind of advertising, so I'm pretty comfortable with these stats.

If there was any kind of serious decline as some users have stated, I would have done something about it along time ago. Now I'm sure there's gonna be folks that claim the quality of content has gone down, but I respectfully disagree and there's no real way to quantify that. The community has just geared itself towards helping travelers across all forms of travel instead of concentrating on the train hopping community as it had been doing before 2010.

Anyways, this has gotten far enough off topic, if people can't post something relevant to the OP of this thread, please take it elsewhere and start a new thread on the subject.
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