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Jul 13, 2010
Say what you will, but I would totally go to a Juggalo gathering. That shit would be fucking fun. :dead_zombie:


May 12, 2010
Gold country as of april 2012
i got through the first page. then i remembered I was attempting to analyze and interept a whole topic on clowns rapping. I don't mind people listening to ICP and enjoying, more power to you. Some people are just bitter.

Deleted member 20

I closed my account
I am bitter that you 2 fucks revived this shit. It was almost a whole fucking year. Why why why??????


Dec 26, 2012
ill probably sneak in again next year, i felt more love at the gathering of the juggalos than i did at the Nationals. its all about family love whoop whoop mmfcl


Dec 31, 2009
Dallas, TX
Ya... fuck a group of weirdo's who do their own thing and accept people for who they are. Fuck a Juggalo family of misfits and free spirits that have been dejected from society but found a place to call home. The wicked shit in the lyrics is to be funny and sick to get your attention and they have a very positive message throughout their discography and on each individual album. And magnets - how the fuck do they work?! MMFWCL

I don't own any ICP albums, clothes, drink faygo, or worship Psychopathic Records - but I get the music and understand what a Juggalo is in spirit. I would consider myself a Juggalo - I do what I want to and I try my best to be me without worrying about the bullshit perspectives of people around me

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