Banned lostinthecold1488 banned for Nazi code in screen name (1 Viewer)


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I agree with @blank, now we ban people for numbers? I thought stp would be better then this you all are so worried about nazis that you are becoming the naxis yourselves. All I see is one person calling out the bullshit and the masses put him down just like the system we claim to despise ..
yes. we ban people for numbers. iv actually suggested that users with any numbers at all in their username (regardless of whether or not its a fucking well known nazi code) be banned. i really hate numbers. i understand that its pretty easy and well thought out to compare people who have very little tolerance for people with hateful views to people who have hateful views these days, live and let live right, how come we cant all get along with racists? lets let the racists participate in our site just like anyone else, hell they aint hurting anybody right? i read yer profile and noticed that you respect EVERYONE, well here at stp we dont. we have no respect for somebody who chooses to sign up to a website and straight up announce (as low key as they might of thought it, its not 1986 anymore i tihnk most people know what 1488 means) that they are a fucking nazi.

thats a really intelligent statement about how what you see is one person calling out bullshit and the masses apparently putting them down. what a shame right? people standing up and opposing nazis.

so now thats out of the way ill go ahead and go even more out of my way to let people know that this user was contacted via email about their username. is that benefit of the doubt enough for everybody? to my knowledge they didnt respond, most likely because they realized they were not exactly low key about being a racist. so actually no, we dont ban people for numbers, but when given the opportunity (i dont even think it was needed) to explain why perhaps they happend to have 1488 in their chosen username they had nothing to say. we banned a nazi. again. and still speculation about it. fucks sake yall.
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This is just beyond ridiculous...if somebody got banned for having a swastika tattooed on their face, some of y'all would be standing up for them going "maybe they just like a series of lines that happened to look like a swastika." This is a private forum, not a fucking court of law, dude's life is not ruined. He probably spent less time getting upset over it than some of you did.


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Jan 8, 2018
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Yea. At blank in particular theres no room for clever wordplay when discussing nazis. Plausible deniability and tongue in cheek humor that actually isnt is their main tactic and its working incredibly well. We not only can, but have to be sensitive. No, you cant joke about this


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May 6, 2014
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Unbelievable! Never heard of a code like that before. I just defined it (Urban Dictionary) and I'll leave it here for those that don't know:


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@SlankyLanky, I agree and disagree with you. All in all meh whatever you want to think buddy, but thanks for being the friendliest mod around by far my favorite mod on here (No sarcasm) keep it up fighting the fascist

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@SlankyLanky, I agree and disagree with you. All in all meh whatever you want to think buddy, but thanks for being the friendliest mod around by far my favorite mod on here (No sarcasm) keep it up fighting the fascist
hey thats fantastic you agree and disagree with our decision to try to keep blatant racism off of stp. i realize its a real difficult subject to take a side on. i appreciate you saying im yer favorite mod, it really makes my day (no sarcasm).

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