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In response to the above thread, it occurred to me that I have a small stockpile of SSRIs like Paxil, Zoloft & Prozac. Since I have a small family, some of us have been prescribed these at different times. I normally get all refills filled just in case someone runs out and or is without insurance. I recall the negative side effects when I once stopped taking SSRis after a long time.

So my question is would it be kosher to list said SSRIs in the Black Market to see if anyone needs them for free? As I am sober & in recovery, I do not advocate or encourage any recreational drug use or medication abuse of any kind. I also do not agree with the health care bureaucracy that exists in the US and think that people with longterm needs should have access to medications and not be restricted by weekly/monthly visits & prescriptions. As there are no euphoric effects of taking SSRIs and after reading this post, I figured perhaps it could be a helpful idea. Perhaps others too have had similar issues & or similar surpluses? If fellow travelers who are unsure about how their mental health will do on the road & without meds, this may be a beneficial idea if it doesnt put STP in any sort of legal predicament.

Has this topic been discussed & or have medications ever before been available in the Black Market? I normally subscribe to "its better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" theory but it seems better to ask the Mods/Admins if it is ill advised or violates our rules.
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i don't think anyone's really tried before. i think one person tried to sell some pot once and kinda got mocked into oblivion. i say, if you wanna give them away for free, go ahead and post something about it there. the black market is blocked from google anyways so it should be fine.

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Wow. 10-30 years in jail. Big Pharmas lobbying efforts are powerful in amerika. Most likely such exchanges can & are done all the time between family & friends. I assume its just like when my dad sends a $50 bill in the mail for my kids bday. He depends on the inefficiency of the USPS and recognizes that the majority of USPS workers wont open a holiday/birthday card to steal its contents.

In a perfect world there would regional Guerilla Pharmacies that would accept unused meds. I wonder @Cornelius Vango if there is/was ever any such Clinic/Pharmacy or Communal Medicine cabinet at Slab City. Once you eliminate the risk of mailing items, it really isnt all that risky.

I came across this interesting article in SF.

Perhaps I could reach out to a local Street Medic group instead.
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