Feb 22, 2018
3100 Contemporary Ln, Miamisburg, OH 45342, USA
Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and what I'm looking to do. I am Sawyer (thattrombonekyd - instagram) and I hail from Topeka, KS. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have realized that I don't want the normal 9-5 lifestyle anymore ,and all I want to do is make awesome music and travel the world. I am a jazz/blues/rock trombonist at heart, and also enjoy the outdoors - eg. camping, hiking, exploring, mountain biking, backpacking, etc. I am basically looking to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana towards the end of the summer - August/September time frame. I am researching cars that I could make livable and may work in a hostel/couchsurf when I'm down there. Plan to spend at least 1-2 weeks in KC, Kansas and Lawrence/Emporia KS to collab stay with friends/collab with my old band, stuff like that on the way down to NOLA. Anybody willing to join me on my adventure would be appreciated or anyone looking to go South for the winter, I'd be happy to accommodate. Any busking tips/tricks would be appreciated, as well as looking for part time work as well.. Thanks, and Hope to meet some of you soon! Peace
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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Hey - great intro and sound like an awesome person to meet busking on the street. Do keep us appraised as to where you are - just for the people traveling to hopefully run in to you.

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