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May 29, 2018
North-Bay, On, Canada
Hey guys im new on here! Very nice place you guys got here.

So anyways basically ive been a cog in the machine my whole life. I just turned 29 and im done with this society we live in! I've given myself 2 monthes to get my pack, gear and a gopro. Im going to be riding the freight and hitch hiking in between as well. I wanna go see the rockies, alternative living communes, plant tress and pick cherries!

I dont foresee myself coming back to this 9-5 madness. Ive been doing alot of research for monthes and i feel like im ready!

I wanna make a really good video! I was somewhat hypnotized by brave dave! Like most people i got sucked right into it for 2 hours!! But it wasnt even good i feel like it coulda been much better.

Any ideas on how to make a masterpiece?! I wanna get alot of these experiences on tape to inspire others to just give up the 9-5 and actually live the way we have for 1000's of years!

Because im hitch hiking and riding rail that will be basically how i get around but i kinda wanna base the travel around a STP kinda life style.
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i admire yer ambition but you kinda lost me at the wanting to make a "masterpiece" film out of train hopping. brave dave isnt the ideal role model either that guys not exactly a expert on freight trains in north america.

cheers though welcome to stp and best of luck on yer travels!


Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Brunswick, Georgia
A few things on this. First, if you are documenting using a cell phone, make sure you hold your phone horizontally to get the 16x9 experience every time and we can see more. Secondly, you have to teach yourself how to safely handle many types of freight cars. This includes IM's auto racks, box cars, and grainers. Once you get the hang of it, you'll know what to expect when you catch one that moves. Third, understand that each string of freight has its own symbol, and the symbols will give you a clue on where the train is heading. Fourth, I would not often trust using the crew change guide since CC's themselves are unpredictable. And fifth, hang on for dear life and don't die!


May 29, 2018
North-Bay, On, Canada
Almost 10 years ago a few of us would ride about 7kms on trains when we needed to. It's not new to me but long distance certainly is.

Also its not something i intend on putting on youtube for the world to see. I wouldnt be able to continue doing it if it was online. Id post pics here but thats it likely.


Apr 28, 2015
Fort MacLeod, Alberta
Hey man c'mon, Brave Dave's video was pretty good.

good luck though

I'd just like to add: Try to go into it humble. There's a helluva learning curve especially if you're planning to go full-time.


Aug 31, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hey fellow Ontarian! Sounds like you got a killer summer planned! I'm heading out to Vancouver before trying to make it all the way to California this year. Two months is pretty damn close to when I'm leaving as well! If you wanna meet up somewhere along the way just shoot me a message.

I bring along a little action cam too. It sounds like this is gonna be your first time out with the camera. My advice - don't learn with it in your face. Figure stuff out, then film while you're comfortable. We don't need to see ya trip and fall, so it's good to not let filming be the cause of trips. As well, people can be sensitive about being filmed up close, so be sure to ask or make them aware!

Good luck!

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