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Apr 14, 2018
Houston, Texas
lol wouldnt it be cool if you could just paramotor across the country? they make 75 l bags for them and you can use them in small areas to land and take off, you could buy gas for it with an online job, whats your thoughts? sorry if this is stupid or in the wrong forum
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jesus fucking christ. summer on stp has officially began.

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That was soooo 2017. Everybody's using jetpacks this year.

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but seriously i just dont see this as being practical at all. from the little i know about them they weigh about 50 pounds so if you ran out of gas and wernt on top of a gas station youd basically be boned. not to mention they cost about as much as a newer used car.


Dec 11, 2016
I actually like the way James thinks.
lofty ideas, practical or impractical, even odd or strange are better than no ideas at all


May 7, 2019
You could put wheels on the bottom to solve the problem brought up by slankylanky, but then the whole point of using a paramoter would be to avoid having to be on the ground. At that point it would be better to just get a car, or possibly a motorcycle. It seems like it would be fun though, so why not? In my opinion as long as it works and is fun, it's worth it. It doesn't have to be practical. Personally, if I where to do it, i would get an adult trike to mount it on, so that if you run out of gas, you can get to a gas station easier than if you had to cary it. I hope someone trys this, I would like to see how it goes.

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