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Aug 8, 2012
Should have looked abit more around the site before posting, feel free to delete my "introduction"-post mods, if you find it necessary. Just thought this should be in this section instead of the intro-section.

Hey guys; thrilled to see sites like this actually exist and thrive in these "goal"-oriented, barbarous times of rigged games and false values.
Hope you find something of value in my formulations or plans, or atleast that i'm not openly offending someone somehow.

I'm a 20 year old male from south-eastern Norway with a serious fetish for mountains, forests and mysticism, finally realizing the possibilities of actually living free from fixed economic and spiritual slavery.
After dropping out from the last year of our equivalent of high school, and never really bothering to find any source of income as i've never had any plans of residing here, I now stand on the verge of a turning point..
Either I put all my effort and will into "joining the system" and work my way up the ladders of loans and mortgage to the tune of banking flutes, or I leave the land of dust and illusions behind to maybe touch something raw.. pure.. REAL.

So, with this context, my most elaborate dream is that of travelling the vast contintent of eurasia, hopefully managing to find myself in Tibet at some point.

My experience living in the wild or under extreme conditions is very limited, only with an unsignificant handful of hiking trips and countless hours of thorough googling under my belt..
But I like to think of myself as a very adaptive person, having virtually never felt any practical incompetance facing the issues of my local conditions lately, mostly due to an arduous philosophical and indifferent nature, always accepting whatever new presentation of the illusionary dream we call sensory reality that may appear.
And with an always friendly, proanthropic and generally open-minded and conviction-phobic attitude I always greet truly new experiences with a smile and a "well, well".
Also with a keen appreciation for practial efficiency, (of real pursuits, not numbing "success"-efficiency) I find myself in the awkward position of having to choose between the insanely difficult task of trying to enlighten the retards of trends and fads to more sustainable lifestyles, or the much more appealing responsibility-ignoring, yet maybe "later-inspiring" (oO) acts of just dropping out.

I am in a physically decent condition, having performed various sports the former 2/3 of my life, only neglecting my body for intense chilling endeavours the past 3-4 years.
I still get a chance to test my stamina on occational hiking trips in the Norwegian mountains, confirming that my 183cm, 66kg thoroughly furry body is still capable of traversing most terrain with relative ease.
I also have a very peculiar style of walking, ignoring most natural path-pointers and trails but rather just walking in a straight line as much as possible regardless of terrain to save time and calories, (Even though some alternative "off-piste" routes might seem more energy-draining in the short-term, they can save you alot of time when added up towards the final destination, thus saving you alot more calories in the long run; but this of course is very situational) often scaling right up walls and right through "impractical" bush, brambles and general shrubbery.
Just paying attention to the compass occationally of course.

One of my great flaws is probably that of arrogance; often over-estimating my own significance or ability, but backed up by the ability to zoom out and see that and hopefully compensate by consciously lowering my expectations.
Another one is that of inexperience, having lived a more-or-less protected and spoiled life of the typical western brat of the troll-generation, never being used to being starving or lonely. (Although the latter has something i've been craving intensily the past years, without much luck... Can't remember a single day completely devoid of human contact, though that would sometimes be a truly welcome boon..)

But, I think, with enough planning, it is of course possible to live wherever regardless of background.

My current plan as of now is to obtain some random job for a few months, then sell all my shit, write a seriously well-composed farewell letter to my always so damned helpful, awesome and well-meaning parents (who will probably blame themselves and go into deep depression should I do this...), then leave for Stockholm.

Then take the ferry to St. Petersburg, and hitchhike/train my way to Moscow, then south; either towards Almaty, Astana or the Caspian Sea.
From there I will try to make my way to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, then up through the Tajiks.
Then maybe through Kyrgystan, through to Kashgar then south through the western part of Tibet into Gilgit-Baltistan; or directly from the Tajiks to Gilgit-Baltistan.
Then through the valleys of Kashmir and Jammu, then down into the north-western pradeshes of India; Himachal then Uttarakhand.

From there i'd like to try and go through the himalayas again, taking a circuit around the sacred Mt. Kailash before heading further east into Tibet.
Then find my way down into western Nepal, making my way east past Kathmandu before heading back north past everest into Tibet again.
Then head east and south again to see if its possible to see some of Sikkim, then head east into and through Bhutan into the north-eastern Arunachal Pradesh before hopefully managing to end up in Motuo/Medog/Pemako/Nyinchi prefecture in south-eastern Tibet just north of north-east India.

All the while living as cheap and far from civilisation as possible, only occationally leaving the wilderness in case of (un)expected illness, transportation or probably occuring cases of internet and music withdrawal; hopefully managing to rely on skill, wit and logic to assimilate the required calories so conveniently extracted from the earth and sun by various plants and then animals; aka getting shit to eat.
Also visiting local, rural markeds, indigenous natives of varying nature but of probably universally good nature (as most un-indoctrinated people actually are) is probably a recurring scene for obtaining extra nutrition, shelter, folk remedies, useful advice, hashish/pot or otherwise humerous anectodes and general company.
Not really taking border crossing into consideration, i'm hoping to make the entire trip "off-grid" and unbeknownst to the relevant governments or any potentially whistle-blowing private wanker.

I plan to do this with as little gear as possible, limiting myself only to a pair of really good boots, a backpack with a few books, pens and paper, compass & maps, lots of pemmican, maybe some seeds (incase a long-term settling will present itself as an actual oppurtunity), bottles, some tools (atleast a solid knife), some medical equipment like penicillin and bandages, some fire-making tools, a small tent and some clothing.
I'm prepared to walk 7-8 hours every day, relying on lucky transportation is too uncertain, but will hopefully help shorten some distances, especially the dreadfully boring distance between St. Petersburg and Samarkand.

So.. The obsoleteness of extreme ambition, the actual distance and the experiential super-contrastness aside; how realistic is this?
Anyone want to join? Any good pointers, tips, must-knows or otherwise useful advice or remotely interesting observations?
Especially some advice on how to deal with (or preferably avoid all-together) legal issues and annoying officials (especially the communist fascists occupying Tibet) aswell as some foraging/fishing/hunting advice and experience with local flora/fauna/culture would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Also, if there are any specific tips to avoiding potential rape, robbery, murder or ending up in the digestive system of a wolf/bear/boar/feline is also very welcome.
These are not catastrophic events of course; staying here I might aswell could have a tile fall in my head randomly. I would much rather spend my final days facing "the essential facts of existance" in the wild than playing pointless games in arrogant zombieland.. Well, would rather spend my early, preceding and middle days in the wild too.. Also, best place to practice tea-drinking, reishi-gobbling, tai-chi-performing immortality aswell, should one suddenly find oneself on the way to ones 100's.. But a harsh and brutal death before my 30's out in the free wild also seems favorable to an extended, (albeit more medically "safer", but also more medically paranoid) lingering parody of a life here in the west.

I plan to leave around February/March, with the ceasing of shit-weather in Scandinavia, Russia and Kazakhstan; with India being reached probably by June or July, and Motuo by October or November maybe.

Thanks for reading and supporting sustainable lifestyles! Glad to see we're not completely alone against the corporate consumption virus..

- Enjoy your bunless Friday hot dog; sincerely, David Johan Falao Gjølstad. ;D
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