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I deleted myself
and im not sure if calling him my butt buddy is the best idea...on account of its his website that yer using for free to try to figure out how to travel with yer pup.
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Deleted member 125

I deleted myself
Maaaiiiinnnn Hitch hike ye fuckin oogle, ppl will more likely pick yo ass up if ya has a dawg
do you realize that yer posting a message to somebody who is no longer on the website?


Oct 16, 2015
the irony that this guy was getting good feedback and threw a keyboard based hissyfit


Apr 6, 2013
I give my vote @SlankyLanky ... def the friendliest mod...

To all the cretins and troglodytes... (hey I'm one myself)...

It's not so difficult to use STP. Join with a sense of humility and patience and try to be understanding... also don't stir shit just so every one gets a whif of your stink... right?

I have been a goofy... lame... maybe even annoying member of this kick ass project for a bit now...

And in all this time. I may kill the chat with my inane chat... I may ramble on about the cosmic friends and flying saucers.... (with maple syrup) ... and I may even make a fau pas from time to time...

yet for any rational biological entity... good manners means behaving yourself on a website you did not create... and have not yet or may never contribute to in any concrete way...

STP is knowledge... and it's own community space in the series of tubes.

Be patient... humble and thoughtful... when using it... if not.


*Imagine that in a georgie carlin accent... it will make you laugh.
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