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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Never heard of it - looks pretty interesting though. I'll have to admit when I first looked at this I thought - well huh - he posted a link to that hugely prolific reality show family -- 'sup with that?? --- hehe ahhh not so they are the duggers. Thanks for the link - the pics in there are pretty cool too.

Guy Chouinard

Aug 21, 2016
Mesa, AZ
I bet, maybe you could share one of their stories with us?

The Diggers announced the death of the hippie in '67 and held a mock funeral for it. After that, all the wannabes' started pouring into the Haight and things went down hill from there. But the Diggers had some great ideas like the free store and sharing food etc. They were true Anarchists.

Rhubarb Dwyer

Fragrant Vagrant
Apr 30, 2016
Providence, RI
Thank you for sharing this.

I just recently visited that neighborhood for the first time. I was pretty unimpressed with the current state of the place, but well aware of the history. Particularly, the real anarchists who paved the way for future generations.

When I was younger, I was fascinated by the 60's counterculture. The drugs, the music, and the resistance to the norm inspired me in my teens. But it wasn't until I learned of the Diggers and Yippies that I truly began to figure out my place in the world.

I continue to live as if every choice I make is a political action. Every Federal Reserve note I trade, and every one I choose not to. The births and education of my kids. How I choose to eat, travel, earn money, barter, make friends, fuck, or help others.


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