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Brian Fleas

Jan 12, 2015
Australia *at the moment*
Hey all,
My friend and I have a huge, round-the-world-without-flying trip starting in May (emphasis on trains!). Was wondering if anyone had any info on hopping trains in Asia? I've ridden in Indonesia, but would love some info on riding in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, and Russia. I have contacts for China (and possibly a Chinese road dog), and have heard second-hand stories of people riding in Thailand. Would love any info/personal accounts anyone could offer.
Also! I'm headed to New Zealand in February and would love any info on riding there. I have a bit of secondhand information but have only briefly spoken with those who have actually ridden there.

By the way,
Just rode across the Nullarbor Plain in the Central Desert of Australia for the second time a few days ago! Saw about a dozen kangaroos, and emu, and a wedge tail eagle feasting on something next to the tracks. Great ride, let me know if you would like any photos/video of the ride.

Thanks all!
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Jan 1, 2011
Augusta GA, USA
photos yes please D:
and hopping trains in Russia sounds terrifying. Hell, hopping rails in Asia sounds sketchy as fuck too.
annnd, how you ganna get across oceans? Get on a boat or you ganna like, sail/row across that shit.


Subverting from within
Oct 15, 2013
Bellingham, WA
I'm going to be in Southeast Asia myself in a couple weeks. Just did a bit of research and found this page on Hitchwiki:
Asia is a paradise and a native part of the world for millions of train hoppers. The practice of travelling on the outside of trains in South and South-East Asia is very common phenomenon due to a high population density and overcrowding of trains. In India, Indonesia and Bagladesh it's much more common than in any other part of the world: thousands of people can ride outside a single train. A lot of people in these countries travels by hopping on passenger trains every day. Freight hopping is also practiced, but in a lesser degree. Most railways lines in Asia has no electrification, however, average speeds of trains on these lines are much slower. In the recent years, railroad companies of these countries started campaigns against riding on the outside of trains. The police and railway guards can be found at big train stations, sometimes they may organise raids against train hoppers, however usually nobody cares about people on the outside of trains.


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I'm always curious as to train riding outside North America. I love seeing the different rideable shit other countries have along with the scenery. Pictures would be much appreciated, wish you the best in your travels

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Wizehop made a video about this a while back. I'm sure it's on YouTube try searching wizehop freight train and his account should come up. If I remember he wasn't to successful with trains but the documentary is really a great watch.
Jan 28, 2008
The woods
My only Asia experience was visiting a relative in South Korea who was working for their government at the time. I didn't get the chance to do any riding there, but saw many migrant workers lurking around the rail yards of Busan and Seoul. Talked to a few ex-pats over there who claimed to do it for a thrill every now and then there and they claimed it was quite easy and getting caught mostly just resulted in hard to understand lectures from baffled police and rail workers.


Apr 6, 2013
@MolotovMocktail thats a great page on hitchwiki. "Saved"
@SnakeOilWilly I believe I watched most of wiszhop's vids some time ago. Gonna have to check out his channel again. I think one of his trainvids was also in SouthAmerica.

Also at the OP. That is an ambitious adventure you have planned. Good Travels.
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