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Apr 18, 2020
Hi!! I'm sam but I'm starting to use the nickname goob Im 18 (19 in a month!!) and nb and staying in one place has always fucked with me im an anarchist as well and the hierarchical capitalist system is something I hate. If im being honest im here to find a way to find true happiness im hoping to make some good friends and travel as much as i can before I die Im close to the edge right now and need a change of scenery i hope to find some advice from old roadies and maybe even some travel buddies
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Good luck! The best advice I can give you is to not let anything stop you from traveling. Just do it. Nows a weeeeeeird time to travel. Bring masks and hand sanitizer.

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
as you probably know, it's a terrible time to be traveling right now, but if you wanna keep going i say kudos to you. is there anywhere you want to see in particular?


Feb 23, 2019
New Jerusalem, Idaho
If you end up traveling alone, you might experience a slump in your Will to anything, at first. Know that this is temporary. Be kind to yourself. Start building yourself up and keep things in perspective.

Also, a reportedly really good way to get it off the dumps is to help someone less fortunate than you. They say it's time tested.

Good luck, mate. Know there's people rooting for you.

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