Banned User nada banned for asking for the crew change guide via discord (1 Viewer)

Feb 9, 2019
Brookings, Oregon
3rd eye organics.....did you used to have an account as @CountrytimeSky ? Just sounds really familiar...


I've had these same disagreements with the staff about banning people, but this ban is legit.

The fact that this person didnt just IGNORE the site rules (Anarchism has rules, they are dependent upon groups you choose to associate yourself with, not rules on a society as a whole, IMO, but I'm not really an anarchist)

...BUT this person decided to message the fucking admin who made those rules to not ask for the CCG. Not only is providing that info to someone enough to implicate someone as an accomplice to committing a crime.... is a document that users have tried, very hard, to keep out of the hands of Law Enforcement. Special Agents are out there, attempting to find out where this information is coming from, and who is using it. Brave Dave is a great example of how Special Agents do pursue and prosecute people for the bullshit charge of trespassing and theft of services (Yes I do know it was because Brave Dave evaded officers, I'm just saying)
No I've only had this account and I've had it since February and didn't know I had it until 2 weeks ago. I must've signed up on a drunken night. But no this is my first and only profile here and have never used anything resembling that handle. Cheers!
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