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Aug 4, 2006
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Welcome to StP's list of resources for animal assistance. If your furry friend needs help on or off the road, have a look at these resources to find the help you need. We could use your help in finding and posting resources here, so just hit that edit button below to add your own resources to this list.

Oakland, California

Get Help - Pets of the Homeless -

New York City, New York

Collide - A ministry that provides assistance to homeless youth and travelers of the East Village/LES by offering food and medical care to their companion animals. We operate through Graffiti Community Ministries, located inside of Graffiti Church, applying our faith by sharing God’s love in a practical way and affirming the worth of people and animals who call the streets home. At Collide, we recognize the critical role companion animals play in the overall well-being of their owners, as they offer emotional support, stability, and unconditional love. We believe all creatures are valuable, and for us, that means compassion extends from the end of the leash to the hand that holds it.

Philadelphia, PA

PDSCenter is a clinical organization, which deals with various kind of psychological and emotional disabilities and prescribe emotional support animals to cure such disorders in an effective manner. This psychological medical center also provides service animal letters that serve as the only source of identity and legal protection under federal law. Having the ESA letter, you can take an emotional support animal everywhere you travel. This letter identifies the animals as service animals and grants special benefits for them.

Boston, Massachusetts

Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals

Portland, Oregon

Portland Animal Welfare

Austin, Texas


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